Misty Legend Care Spray Review

When the days get busy, we often forget to drink the appropriate amount of water that our body needs and that leads us to get dehydrated. When we are dehydrated, our skin turns dry, flaky and wrinkle, losing its plumpness and elasticity. Rehydrating our skin is not as simple as drinking a glass of water, it’s best to hydrate on the outside and from within. What better way to hydrate our skin’s surface than to use a facial spray packed with Japan’s secrets of looking young?

Misty Legend Care Spray
Ever wonder how the Japanese keep their skin looking young? Well, the secret’s out thanks to Misty Spark’s Misty Legend Care Spray which is a facial care spray all the way from Japan. Promising of instantly firmer skin, the Misty Legend Care Spray gives the skin a hydration boost by utilizing special ingredients extracted from rare stones called Tensho and Bakuhan.

Key Ingredients
Tensho Stone: A powerstone recognized from the ancient era, the tensho stone is said to instantly relieve shoulder pain and lighten up the body weight. This special stone can only be found on Mt. Himalayas, Takachiho Japan Scandinavian countries.
Maifan Stone: Since the ancient Chinese era, the Maifan stone was used as a Herb Treatment (Chinese Medicine). It is said to repair skin diseases and its composition absorbs toxins from the body, just like how active ion exchange works.

Nothing but good for your skin
Non-active surfactants

Tired skin in the afternoon
During the afternoon when I’ve been out of the house for the entire day, I’ve always felt that my skin looks tired and honestly, kind of older. A large chunk of the reason could be because my skin is dehydrated. It looks older and tired because the fine lines look deeper and it makes my skin look like it’s sagging. The area under my eyes look tired as well, the lack of hydration makes my eyes look like they have double eye bags.

A spray of the Misty Legend Care Spray instantly makes my skin feel and look refreshed. By giving my skin a boost of hydration, it makes my skin look plumper and my smile lines and eye lines less obvious, making me look refreshed (and not tired). My skin feels cool to the touch after spraying an ample amount of the product on my face. Also, my skin looked less oily.

It’s pretty handy to have since I don’t need to wash my hands beforehand, and unlike other sprays, the Misty Legend Care Spray continually sprays. Other facial sprays require you to repeatedly pump the product while the Misty Legend Care Spray feels like a never-ending fountain of youth. It’s pretty fun to use, to be honest, but I think the longest time I held it down was around eight seconds, I didn’t want to waste the product. That and my hair got really wet from all the spraying I did.

Other uses
Makeup setter
Scalp hydrator

Regular price P1,699
Sale price P1,299

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