Top Fans Giveaway for November 2019 to January 2020

First of all, I want to thank everyone who joined my last top fans giveaway! It was the first giveaway where I had a weekly tally and despite it being a lot of work, it was well worth it because I was able to see those who took the time to engage with my posts and page. I enjoy reading everyone's comments and I know I was more active in replying to blog comments in the past before I migrated my blog. It's harder to reply to blog comments now when I'm on the phone.

Nonetheless, I will exert more effort in replying to comments, be it on social media or on my blog.

Announcements for the Previous Giveaway
Before I announce the mechanics of this November 2019 - January 2020 Top Fans Giveaway, I'll announce the winner of the last top fans giveaway first. The winner of the set of Precious Skin Alpha Arbutin is Aljecera Leslie Joy! As for my K-Beauty Giveaway, the winner is Samantha Nicole Francia! Congratulations to you both! Please message me on my Facebook page to claim your prize.

1 NutriTrim All Natural Weight Loss
1 NutriWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C
1 MultiWhite Multivitamin + Glutathione
1 Dr. Alvin Depigmenting Anti-Acne Topical Solution
1 Dr. Alvin Placenta Cream
1 Dr. Alvin Soothing Cream
1 Dr. Alvin Sunblock Cream
1 Dr. Alvin Kojic Soap
1 Dr. Alvin Glutathione Soap
1 Trends You Love Matte Tinted Lip Balm (slightly used)
1 Trends You Love Lip and Cheek Tint (slightly used)
2 Dr. Morita Facial Mask
1 Morgan Taylor nail polish
1 Orly nail polish

About the PRIZES
As you know, I still breastfeed my little one (hurrah for completing two years of breastfeeding) so a lot of beauty products are still off-limits to me. The Dr. Alvin's Rejumax set from The Beauty Empire specifically states that it's not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. As for the Nutri Ph products, I really wanted to try these, but again, I'm still breastfeeding.

For the nail polishes from Nailaholics, I prefer softer colors and I don't really wear nail polish because they'll just go to waste from all the cleaning and washing I do. I have a lot of facial masks, so I'm more than happy to share some with you. I'm really sad to give away my lippies, I've given away a lot of the lippies I've really liked such as the Althea Watercolor Tints and these lippies from Trends You Love but I can't really use them all at once.

The Beauty Empire review.
Details about Nutrition PH.
Trends You Love Matte Tinted Lip Balm and Lip and Cheek Tint Review.
Nailaholics National Pampering Day.

1. Like and follow Prelel Yu (@prelel), Foodie Mumshie (@foodiemumshie) and Dreamer Babble (@dreamerbabble) on IG and FB.
2. Share this post publicly on your Facebook timeline.
3. Tag 3 friends and comment your Instagram handle on the comment section of the same post as number 2.

Important Details
Top fan for 1 week = 1 entry
Top fan for 2 weeks = 2 entries

The number of weeks will only be counted from the start of the giveaway date (Nov 17). For example, if at the start of the giveaway you've been a top fan for 3 weeks, you will still only get 1 entry.

Screenshots and the tally will be updated weekly every Tuesday in the comment section of this giveaway post.

The giveaway is open only to Philippine residents and will end on January 20, 2020.

Shipping Terms
Free shipping is only for the winner if he/she is from Metro Manila. For outside Metro Manila, I'll only cover P80 and the winner must be willing to cover the rest of the provincial shipping rate.

Please read everything from mechanics to shipping terms before joining the giveaway!


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