Get Skin Treatments Fit for a Queen at The Beauty Empire

With its golden themed interior, plush seats and beautiful paintings, beauty queens in their own right will feel at home in this luxurious themed face and body center.

Opening the doors of its second branch, The Beauty Empire welcomes all beauty enthusiasts to their skincare center which is fit for a queen… or king. 

Whether you're looking to enhance your natural features through non-surgical lifts or simply looking to grab a much needed facial, The Beauty Empire has something for you.

While waiting to get started on your treatment, grab some tea and calm yourself from within.

After treating your skin, wear a crown, wear proud, and maybe even take a selfie afterwards.

If you're familiar with Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin, then you'll be thrilled to find out that the products they use during the treatment are products of Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin.

I love Hydrafacials because they work wonders for my skin and are safe for breastfeeding moms such as myself plus they skip out on the pricking part.


A mild cleanser was used to gently cleanse my skin to prep it for the treatment. A soothing massage accompanied the gentle cleansing which was so relaxing that I had to put down my phone to allow myself to enjoy the treatment first.

What followed the cleansing was 10 minutes of steaming to open up the pores.

If you have sensitive skin like I do, it would be better to opt out on the toner or ask the beautician to test it out on your skin first as the toner stung a bit on my skin.

A dry vacuum or what they call as diamond peel came first before the hydrafacial or the wet vacuum. Personally, I prefer the wet vacuum as it feels soothing while the dry vacuum is kind of uncomfortable for me, although I do know some people who prefers dry vacuum over wet vacuum.

I feel like the vacuum power was too strong for my skin, I should have had it adjusted. The side of my nose had stubborn dead skin cells, and after vacuuming it, my skin on that area was left with some redness and some slight stinging. The slight stinging faded away after an hour but the redness lasted for a day which is why it's important to let your beautician know what level of vacuum power you are comfortable with.

24k Gold Mask
What sets The Beauty Empire's Hydrafacial apart from other hydrafacials is their 24k gold mask which they slather on top of a gauze like sheet over your skin. On the skin, it feels nice and cool. After taking it off, a glowing skin is revealed. To cap off the hydrafacial, a water based vitamin C serum is applied to the skin.

Hydrafacial Review
As compared to other hydrafacials that I have tried, The Beauty Empire's hydrafacial gives a matte finish while the others give a dewy finish. Personally, I prefer a dewy finish because I love the Korean glass skin look but for those who love the matte, smooth and non-oily look, this hydrafacial should be something you should try out. This treatment is perfect for those who have clogged skin especially if you wear a lot of makeup pretty often, this treatment can unclog those pores for you while rejuvenating your skin.

Oxygeneo Facial
Actually, I was curious about their Oxygeneo facial which, after careful research, I discovered that it would probably be perfect for me. As Oxygeneo facials usually use a non-vacuum device and they use a gel to exfoliate your skin, hopefully that means that they won't do extraction because pricking and vacuuming don’t work well with my skin. I would love to try this facial that has been dubbed as a super facial on my next visit to The Beauty Empire and I’ll definitely share my review.

The Beauty Empire is located at 23 F. Bautista Street, San Francisco del Monte, Quezom City.


  1. love the hydrafacial lalo na ma-pores ako 🙂 Andami services they offer.👏


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