Vue de Pulang Blur Stick Review

When it comes to makeup, it’s no secret that my huge pores are my biggest obstacle. Although there’s a simple solution to that problem, a simple solution called a primer. Vue de Pulang’s Blur Stick caught my eye because I thought it would be convenient to use because it comes on a stick.

I don’t know why I stopped using primers but I used to wear a primer all the time back in high school, even without using a makeup base, I was satisfied with the effect of a primer. Okay, maybe I do know why I stopped using a primer and that was because I got lazy which is why I loved the handiness that this stick primer has.

How I Use the Vue de Pulang Blur Stick
When it comes to Korean skincare, we all know that dragging the skin is a big no-no. I made a rookie mistake of swiping the primer stick on my skin, thinking that my skin was hydrated at the time anyway. It felt like I was dragging on my skin a lot so I stopped. Instead, dab the Vue de Pulang Blur Stick on your face then use an oval brush like the Coringco’s or a beauty blender like A’bloom’s Meringue Puff.

I love the clear effects of the Blur Stick on my huge pores! Where did my pores go? It’s like magic. My skin definitely looks much more even and ready to have foundation applied on. On a much closer inspection, you can definitely still see my pores but the foundation application is much smoother and looks way better thanks to the Blur Stick. I can easily achieve more natural makeup looks thanks to using the Vue de Pulang Blur Stick, just check out my Trends You Love look.

Another thing that I loved about the blur stick was how it whisked off all the oil away! Just look at that matte finish.

I got it for P460 at Althea but it is no longer available now.