7 Reasons Why Skincare Junkies Will Want to Shop at The Istana

As a self-proclaimed Korean skincare addict, The Istana seemed like heaven with much loved Korean brands lining its arsenal of skincare goodies. Some By Mi, Missha, and Farmstay are just a few of the Korean beauty brands any K-beauty addict would be familiar with. The Istana not only houses Korean skincare products but they also feature popular local brands such as Ellana Cosmetics and Sooper Beaute.

The Istana | A Sneak Peek Into the Newly Opened Premiere Skincare Destination
Apart from skincare and makeup finds, The Istana also features lifestyle brands and eco-friendly products, but that's not all they have to offer. Here are 7 reasons why skincare junkies will love The Istana.

1. Wall of Face Masks
For face mask addicts such as myself, there’s a portion of the store that’s dedicated solely for face masks.

2. Testers
It’s a blissful feeling to be able to take the beauty products for a test first before purchasing. Just swatch them on and decide on your favorite or find our which works best on your skin.

3. Skin Analysis
Take your skincare game a notch higher by finding out your skin type with V Magic’s skin test. You might be surprised by what you find. They perform an in-depth analysis of your skin and check if you might have skin care problems that cannot be seen on the surface. After sharing their findings with you, they will let you try out skin care products that are suitable for you based on the skin test results. They do let people try out the products on the spot because they care about their customers, they don’t want people to buy products who might be allergic to something in the products which is why it’s important for them to let you try out the products first.

4. Price Range
Contrary to what I expected, The Istana houses products that are affordable. Initially, I expected the products to be priced P500 above but there are some products that are priced at P100+. The lowest priced item that I saw was the soap from Sooper Beaute which is priced at P65.

5. Shopping Guide
I love how they have a shopping guide for customers to fill out. I especially like the part "how much are you willing to invest today", not only because it allows the beauty specialist to know your budget because of the part about skincare being an investment! That, and the fact that it lets you skip over the awkward moment when you try to tell the beauty specialist that the product she recommended doesn't really fit in your budget

6. The Istana Map
This store map is every shy buyer's wish come true. If you're too shy to approach someone, a glance at the map can help you find the brands you're looking for as well as their price range. Not to mention, I didn't know they had a gentleman's quarter up until I went home and took a long hard look at the map.

7. Gentleman's Quarter
Online games and a PS4 awaits your man while you shop to your heart's content. If you like taking the time to carefully choose the beauty products you use, then your man will definitely appreciate the gentleman's quarter.

Brands Available at The Istana
23 years old, Banobagi, Bee Botanics, Breena Beauty, BSkin, Ellana Cosmetics, Farmstay, KMall, L'aroma, Lilybyred, Missha, Sliv, Snow Fairy, So Cool So Me, Some By Mi, Sooper Beaute, The Bamboo Co., V Magic, and Zoreya are available at The Istana.

Check out some of the items you can find on The Istana. I’ll be reviewing these soon on my blog.

The Istana is located at 2/F Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City near Rustan’s and Maxi Mango.

For more information, visit The Istana on Facebook: www.facebook.com/theistanaph.