Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil Review

Discovering cleansing oils has done wonders for my super oily skin. Who knew using oils to cleanse oily skin can make it much less oily? If you're an gal with oily skin, then I recommend you to try cleansing oils on your skin.

I've been trying other cleansers but I found that cleansing oils are still my best choice when it comes to cleansing my face without makeup. Although cleansing oils can clean my face from makeup, I still prefer using the pore purifying cleansing serum when it comes to removing makeup. My first cleansing oil, the Derma-E cleansing oil, which I absolutely love, has run out so I'm looking around to try if other cleansing oils would work as well on my skin as that one. 

Key Ingredients
Coconut oil, grapeseed oil and apricot kernel oil.

Since the Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil is a moist type cleansing oil, it is easier to spread over the skin. When I use other cleansing oils, I find myself using water before applying the cleansing oil to my face or adding more cleansing oil in order to not drag my skin. As a Korean beauty product, this cleansing oil was probably made with an important Korean skincare rule in mind which is to not drag or pull on your skin while you do your skincare.

It holds the beauty of cleansing oils, cleaning away dirt and makeup without stripping the face of its much needed natural oils, but its trait of being a moist type cleansing oil has made all the difference. I don't need to use as much cleansing oil as I normally would because it's easy to spread.

Comes with a pump and cap
It comes with a cap and a pump which makes it perfect for traveling, since the cap can prevent any unwanted spillage and you can bring the pump dispenser along for convenient application.

Althea sells the Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil for P640.