Turning my Beauty Box into a Dollhouse | DIY Budget Dollhouse

I must admit I have a lot of beauty boxes lying around, probably enough to make one huge dollhouse with each box acting as one room. I have always thought that it was a waste to throw away my Althea boxes since they make for good storage boxes where I can stash away all my beauty items as well as other items, I have a box full of photos which were taken at photo booths.

Living in a tiny space and my frugality is what drove me to keep all those beauty boxes and to come up with my budget dollhouse. That and the miniature dollhouse I recently made was too small and fragile for my baby to play with. It would probably end up wrecked within a few hours, that one is probably more of a display item.

Why a beauty box?
If they’re sturdy enough to be used for transporting beauty items from a different country then they’re sturdy enough to act as a simple dollhouse. Also, it saves space when it comes to storing them. Sure, there are cheap dollhouses around but they come in designs that have triangular roofs that don’t really work well in my already cramped living space.

Why use a scrapbook paper outside of the box?
Apart from sticking a scrapbook paper to act as a floor design, I glued a strip of scrapbook paper outside of the box. It’s to help me distinguish this dollhouse from my other beauty boxes so that I don’t have to open and check all my beauty boxes to find this dollhouse. In the same logic, it’s also to help my baby distinguish this dollhouse from my other boxes so she doesn’t make a mess trying to find it.

Why did I glue the furniture?
I don’t have a dedicated playroom for my baby because as I’ve mentioned, our living space is small so Baby Q usually plays in the living area or the bedroom and a lot of small toys end up under the bed or the sofa. I did leave a few parts unglued such as the trolley, trolley cover, table, and chairs. If your toddler still eats her toys, I suggest gluing all the furniture to the box.

Materials I used
Beauty Box
Scrapbook paper
Set of plastic dollhouse furniture
Craft glue
Foska scissors with blade

Total Cost
The total cost of this dollhouse is P100 (around $2) since I already had all of the items lying around the house, I only bought the dollhouse furniture.

This beauty box dollhouse is perfect for those who are living in a tiny living space such as condos, saving money or saving space. 

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