Mise-en-Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum Review

I’ve been eyeing this Mise-en-Scene Perfect Repair hair serum because it has been known to work miracles on the damaged hair. Apart from protecting and strengthening the hair, it promises to increase hair elasticity and reduce tangles in as little as three days.

Argan oil, camelia oil, marula oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and apricot oil.

I like that it contains every kind of oil you would want to use on your hair, especially argan oil because I like using argan oil in my hair.

Lightweight and non-sticky, using the Mise-en-Scene Perfect Repair on my hair doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn't leave the hair with a greasy residue, only a lustrous finish. It also does not weigh the hair down so it's perfect for those who want their hair to have volume. I love that it smells like flowers and it leaves my hair smelling good.

How I Use the Hair Serum
I prefer applying the product on damp hair so I can spread it on more hair. I use around 3 pumps. Also, I rub the hair serum on my hands before applying it on my hair.

You can get it for P400 at Althea.

Would I Get It Again?
Yes, it’s something I would get again once it runs out.