Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur Review

UV protection, tone up, pore blurring, and cc effect, this primer lacks none in these four areas. Promising a bright, peachy glow in a single touch, the Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur seems too good to resist.

I’m in love with beauty products that come with peaches as part of its design packaging as well as beauty products that use peaches as one of its key ingredients and the Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur has both.

Cute Packaging
It’s hard to throw away the box because it’s just so adorable, it comes in the shape of a milk carton to emphasize that it contains milk.

Tone brightening
Color correction
UV protection
Blemish blurring
Pore blurring
Skin nourishment

Key Ingredients
Peach Extract: is rich in vitamins to moisturize and revitalize the skin.
New Zealand Bovine Colostrum: keeps the skin baby-soft with its whitening and calming properties.
Jeju Goat Milk: helps strengthen the skin with its exceptional nutritional benefits.
Vita Complex10: 10 different vitamins brighten up the skin and keep it looking healthy and radiant.

With the sweet smell of peaches, it was definitely love at first scent with the Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur. Well, at first scent and at first sight because its packaging is too cute to resist. Going beyond the first impressions, I’m amazed at how much of a punch this product packs with all its different functions.

As you can see on my hand, there’s a huge difference in the area where I applied the product and the area where I didn’t. There is an instant tone up effect where the area with the Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur glows brighter and pretty pinkish.

On my huge pores, the Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur does its magic and makes my pores look smaller. If you look at it slightly further away, the pores are definitely blurred out.

The Peripera Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur was part of my Althea Christmas Wishlist 2018, and it definitely deserved to be at the top. It’s a must-have for girls with huge pores like me and if your dull skin needs a quick pick me up.

I got at it Althea for P420 but it is no longer available.