BAC Korea BBAC Natural Cover Cream Natural Beige Review

I used to wear BB creams every day back in college and frequently back when I was still working in the corporate world. Not only are BB creams affordable but they’re easy to use and are perfect for daily wear. I haven’t worn a BB cream in a while but I’ve found one that’s also a CC Cream at the same time and it’s perfect for everyday use. I’m talking about the BBAC Natural Cover Cream from BAC Korea.

BB Cream + CC Cream
Full coverage foundation cream
Makeup fixing effect
Moisture film

Tomato Leaf Extract
Turnip Root Extract
Hyaluronic Acid

#02 Natural Beige
#03 Beige Light

Oily and moisturizing, the BBAC Natural Cover Cream is perfect for dry skin types. It's good for daily wear. If you have oily skin and easily sweat like I do, it might not be suitable for your skin especially if you live in a tropical country. However, it would do great during cold weather since it's really moisturizing.

Aside from making my skin look dewy, the cream also made my skin look rosy and glowing. The cream itself might look slightly dark or neutral at first sight but after blending it on my skin, it looked light and somewhat near my skin tone. The shade I used was the #02 Natural Beige.

If you use your hands like I did, it can achieve medium to heavy coverage, concealing pimples and dark circles to a degree. However, if you have very dark circles under your eye, you would need to use a concealer. It's also creamy and easy to spread

If you have oily skin with big pores like I do, I recommend using a primer first if you want to blur your pores and control sebum.

The BBAC Natural Cover Cream is sold by Lipstick Plz for P338 at Lazada.

Apart from the BBAC Natural Cover Cream, I bought 3 Ogana Cell Peptide Recovery Cream for P50 each. It was a steal since it's originally priced at P1,790 each. I plan to keep one of them and use the remaining two for my blog giveaway. Lipstick Plz also gave me a free SOS Water Balm Sheet Mask.

Watch the BB Cream + CC Cream in action as it transforms my haggard looking skin.