A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment Review

After being pleased with the results that the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Shampoo gave my hair, I decided to buy another product from the same line of A'PIEU hair care products. I'll be reviewing the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment which is another Korean hair care product.

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Raspberry Fruit Extract
Soybean Seed Extract
Raspberry Seed Oil
Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract

Rich in Vitamin E
Anti-inflammatory properties
Improves hair and scalp


I also got myself the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment and at first, I was wondering if I made a mistake because I was thinking that this product looked too liquid-y for a hair treatment. Most hair treatments that I've tried come in more of a cream texture. I initially thought that this treatment wouldn't cling that much to my hair. However, this product proved me wrong. Its viscosity is more like an essence or a serum and it adheres to my hair really well. After continuously using this hair treatment, my hair obviously looks more tamed and a lot softer.

Upon dispensing the product, the hair treatment will feel warm but it will soon cool down. I found this intriguing since the bottle feels cold or at least lukewarm but once the product is dispensed, a warm sensation covered my hands (or hair depending on where I dispense it).

The cone-shaped dispenser made it easy to control the amount of product to be dispensed.

I've tried the CP-1 Raspberry Hair Treatment Vinegar and I kind of prefer the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment over it because, with the A'PIEU, I can immediately tell which part of my hair has been applied with the product. With the CP-1, I can't seem to tell which part needs more product. Of course, you can always transfer the CP-1 treatment to a spray bottle for an even application but I am too lazy to do so.

Similar to the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment Shampoo, the only thing I didn't like about this hair treatment is that it has phenoxyethanol, which is a cautionary ingredient.

Actually, after being pleased with the results, I bought another item from the same Korean hair care line. I'll probably be reviewing the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Mist next.


Althea sells the A'PIEU Raspberry Vinegar Hair Treatment for P490.