I’m from Fig Boosting Essence Review

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Featuring specially selected fresh figs grown in Yeong-am, a warm location in South Korea, the I’m from Fig Boosting Essence infuses life into the skin through vitamins and polyphenol found in fresh figs. A patented eco-friendly extraction method, the Vegelive method gives this essence natural cytosol from fresh figs.

Fig Fruit Extract
Chlorella Vulgaris Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate
Soybean Seed Extract

I'm from Fig Boosting Essence Review

Containing 62.7% Fig Extract, the I’m from Fig Boosting Essence appears transparent and liquidy, much like water. In the bottle, the essence appears to be slightly cloudy. It feels light on the skin and it leaves a somewhat shiny and moisturized finish, which leaves the skin looking dewy. My skin is able to quickly absorb the essence and it leaves a thin moisture barrier on top of my skin.

It has a faint scent that’s pleasing to my nose. It doesn’t feel sticky on my face but on my hands, there is a slightly noticeable difference between areas with the essence and areas without the essence. The skin areas with the essence will feel ever so slightly stickier compared to the areas without the essence.

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