I’m from Mugwort Essence Review

If you’re pickier than the pickiest when it comes to skincare ingredients then this essence from I’m from is perfect for you. I’m talking about the one-ingredient product known as the I’m from Mugwort Essence which contains 100% mugwort extract from Ganghwa, S. Korea.

With this essence, you can rest assured that it contains no harmful ingredients since it only has one ingredient which is the mugwort extract. Plus, it’s also vegan-friendly.

It’s my first time trying a skincare product with only one ingredient. Most, if not all, skincare products contain more than one ingredient which sometimes amount to even thirty ingredients.

With the I’m from Mugwort Essence, less is definitely more. Less number of ingredients, more value for your money.

I’ve mentioned this in my Wishtrend Black Friday post, a lot of Korean skincare Instagrammers have been raving about this essence and with good reason too.

With a faint pleasing scent that somehow smells medicinal, the I’m from mugwort Essence itself appears to be green in color. It feels light on the skin and my skin is able to quickly absorb it. It doesn’t feel sticky at all and it leaves my skin feeling cool and hydrated. Definitely a skin soother, this essence provides ample hydration but you would need another product to moisturize the skin. You could also use this in place of a toner.

You might be shocked at the price, but if you think of it this way then the price will make sense. Most essences use water as its main ingredient and sometimes the key ingredients amount to let’s say 10% or 20% of the ingredients or maybe even less. However, with the I’m from Mugwort Essence, you get 100% of the key ingredient. Yes, that’s 160mL of nothing but mugwort extract.

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