Be The Skin BHA+ Pore Zero Toner Review

With a daily exfoliating toner that features a mild formulation that is suitable even for sensitive skin, the Be The Skin BHA+ Pore Zero Toner is made with 85% naturally derived Willow BHA™. It features a triple care solution for the skin as well as a safe and strict manufacturing process.

Moist and refreshing water formula
Completed skin hypoallergenic test
Mild BHA care
Naturally derived BHA
Suitable for all skin types except for very dry skin

Key Ingredients
Willow BHA™


With a very light and liquidy texture, the Be The Skin BHA+ Pore Zero Toner is able to somewhat exfoliate some dead skin cells from my face. I find the toner to be very quick to be absorbed by my skin. It is not sticky or greasy at all. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all, it’s quite gentle on my skin.

I received the Be The Skin BHA+ Pore Zero Toner as part of the StyleKorean Toner It Up set.

Watch the StyleKorean Toner It Up Unboxing & Try On.

About Be The Skin
Featuring natural ingredients, powerful herbs and best-in-class technology, Be The Skin is a skincare brand that aims to find the perfect combination of luxurious herbs, botanical and technology in order to create skincare products that hydrate and beautify from deep within.

Where to get it?
You can get the Be The Skin BHA+ Pore Zero Toner at StyleKorean. It is currently priced at PHP443 ($8.50). You can use the code tryme_tonercollection to get 10% off, valid until September 2, 2022.Prices are subject to change.


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