Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione Review

A beauty supplement that provides various health benefits on top of its main function of lightening and brightening the skin, the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione is a Korean glutathione tablet that contains advanced nutrition to bring out the glow from within your skin.

Inner & Outer Beauty Project
Meditamin, a Vitamin Supplement Brand, created this product as the “Inner Beauty” part of their Inner & Outer Beauty Project. Apart from glutathione, the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione contains various components that help bring out your inner beauty. It contains Vitamin C, collagen, and fermented rice enzymes.

Key Ingredients & Functions
Glutathione: Whitening, Brightening & Antioxidants
Collagen: Anti-aging, Hair Growth & Skin Elasticity
Vitamin B and Vitamin C: supports the immune system
Rice Bran Enzymes: for healthy glow

Vitamin C
One of the things that I appreciate about the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione is that it contains Vitamin C. I don’t need to take a separate supplement since this glutathione tablet already has Vitamin C. From what I learned, taking Vitamin C aids in reprocessing glutathione which is why it is better to take Vitamin C with glutathione.

The Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione contains quite a number of tablets, each bottle weighs around 500g and contains 168 capsules.

After the first night of taking the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione, I woke up feeling refreshed. I usually feel anxiety and sluggishness when I wake up which I assume is because of the medication I’m taking for my thyroid condition or maybe from my thyroid condition itself. I usually have a hard time getting up but thanks to this glutathione tablet (I didn’t eat or do anything different from what I usually do), I was definitely wide awake. I’m assuming it’s because of the immunity system support component of this tablet, it’s supposed to reduce stress hormones.

As for the glow aspect, my skin had a bit more glow to it than usual. I exercise every day, if not almost every day, so my skin already has quite the healthy glow. However, it did seem more glowy after taking the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione. It appeared almost like fresh snow, which definitely explains the name of this beauty supplement.

This tablet is supposed to be taken with 3 tablets and twice a day. I confirmed it with the seller and I was told that I was supposed to take twice a day, 2-3 tablets each time. My urine did change color because of this tablet but that part is also normal when taking this tablet.

I got this from Lipstick Plz is Shopee. It’s important to get your supplements from a legitimate source for safety reasons and also to make sure you’re getting real supplements and not fake ones. You can see in the Shopee listing that Lipstick Plz attached a photo which shows their certification in exclusive distribution of Meditamin products in the Philippines.

Where to get it?
You can get the Meditamin Snow Cell Glutathione on Shopee. Watch my video of it on YouTube.


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