Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream Review

This fresh new drop from Celimax is here to soothe and quench your skin’s thirst. A soft gel cream that utilizes cica extract, the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream has an oil-free formula and is hypoallergenic tested. Not only is it suitable for acne-prone, sensitive skin, but it also contains no alcohols, no essential oils, and no fragrance.

Key Ingredients
73% Cica Extract (freshly extracted within 48hrs post-harvest to offer a maximum concentration of all 4 triterpenoids to boost effects)
Asiatic Acid
Madecassic Acid
DERMATIC AC3 ® 1% (patented ingredient for sebum & trouble care)

A lightweight cream, the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream appears translucent and gel-like. I love how cool and soothing it feels on my skin. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and it doesn’t feel greasy either. I love how dewy and highly moisturized it makes my skin look. It also leaves behind a thin layer of moisture barrier on the surface of my skin.

Recently the sweat and heat has been making my mouth area dry and a bit itchy when I wear my face mask for far too long. Thanks to the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream, my skin has definitely been calmed down and no longer irritated.

For a few days, I tried using just the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream and the Celimax Heartleaf Bha Peeling Pad. However, duringt the times when the weather is a bit cold, I felt that my skin needed a little bit more hydration so I incorporated the Celimax The Real Noni Energy Ampoule into my skincare routine. Even without the ampoule, the cream was able to make my skin moisturized throughout the day. I wanted a more dewy appearance which was why I added the ampoule. For hotter days, just using the cream is definitely enough.

I'll also be sharing my review of their peeling pads soon.

Watch me unbox the Celimax skincare products.

Where to Get the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream
Get the Celimax The Real Cica Soothing Cream for P690 on Shopee. The price is subjected to change.


  1. Want to try this cream too. Masyado nang dry ang aking skin. Tagal ko na ring di gumgamit ng anumang lotion.

    1. Hope you can try it soon! It's really great for troubled skin, especially if you always wear a face mask.💕💕

  2. Wow amazing skin care products perfect for everyday use to achieve a healthy skin. Love the results mommy kitang kita ang ganda 😍

    1. It's definitely perfect for everyday use because it's lightweight and very gentle on the skin!💕💕


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