Celimax The Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner and Energy Ampoule Review

Harnessing the power of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) Fruit Extract, Celimax’s skincare products from The Real Noni Line deliver nutrients and vitamins to soothe and energize the skin. Grown in the islands of Hawaii, the Noni gives the skincare products a beautiful green color that is achieved naturally. The superfood Noni is also known to have over 200 kinds of human essential ingredients and 150 kinds of phytochemical antioxidants.

About Celimax

Founded on the principle of honesty, Celimax is a Korean beauty brand that is committed to delivering an “honest promise of better skin”.

Celimax The Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner

Key Ingredients: Noni Fruit Extract (80.1%) and Amino Acid Complex.

Review: The Celimax Noni Toner is light and quickly absorbed by my skin. It leaves my skin looking and feeling very hydrated. I feel that it had a tiny bit of moisturizing effect and it did leave my skin looking slightly shiny.

Celimax The Real Noni Energy Ampule

Key Ingredients: Noni Fruit Extract (71.77%) and Adenosine.

Review: Highly hydrating and moisturizing, the Celimax Noni Ampule leaves my skin looking dewy and glossy. It's quickly absorbed by my skin as well. It doesn't feel greasy and it leaves my skin feeling cool. There's little to no stickiness and the ampoule leaves my skin with a moisture barrier.

On a side note, I love how the dropper has a button that pops up when the cap is twisted open and it also retracts upon closing the cap of the dropper.

Since it's summer and I have oily skin, I don't follow up with a cream when I use this before applying sunscreen. I've been using these two Celimax products for a couple of days and my skin looked dewy, highly hydrated, and simply glowing. For times when I spend in an airconditioned room, I would need to use a cream after using the ampule.


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Watch me unbox and try on the Celimax Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner and Celimax Noni Energy Ampule.


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