Aromatica Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence Review

As more and more Korean skincare brands use vegan formulas, Aromatica steps it up a notch with its sustainable packaging and ethical beauty practices.

It’s almost Earth Day which is why I wanted to feature Aromatica who wants to “save the skin, save the planet” through their effective, sustainable products that promote taking a stand to preserve and restore Earth.

Aromatica features
Vegan Formula
Ethical Sourcing
Aromatherapy Formula
Gentle Ingredients
Sustainable Process
Recyclable Packaging

Gentle Ingredients
With only five ingredients, the Aromatica Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence contains no harmful ingredients and focuses on rosemary leaf extract. Known for its natural antioxidant properties, rosemary is known for making the skin firm and radiant while minimizing skin irritation.

Sustainable Process and Recyclable Packaging
Using only sustainable packaging, the Aromatica Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence uses PCR containers with 50% recycled plastic, glass containers with 90% recycled glass, and FSC-approved recycled paper.

Low-Temperature Aging Extraction Method
To fully utilize the active ingredients of rosemary, carefully handpicked rosemary leaves were brewed through the Low-Temperature Aging Extraction Method for 72 hours with natural solvents of water and glycerin.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, and Ethylhexylglycerin.

With a scent that smells much like herbs, the Aromatica Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence appears to be light brown in color. I love the packaging and how it appears like a potion of some sorts. Light on the skin, the essence is quickly absorbed by my skin. It is like water in the sense that it is very liquidy. Non-sticky and non-greasy, this essence doesn't leave my skin looking shiny or feeling oily and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated. 

It may be hydrating but you still need to use a moisturizer especially if you have dry skin. My skin did feel plump and revitalized in appearance after using the essence consistently. I find that this essence could also act as a toner.

The Aromatica Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence was part of my Fall to Winter K-Beauty haul from YesStyle. You can watch the video above for the unboxing and try-on of the Korean beauty products.