Ofloe Nail Art Stamping Kit, Nail Polish & Gel Remover Review

It's been a long time since I've painted my nails and an even longer time since I've painted my nails myself at home which was why I was excited to try the Ofloe nail polishes. I was doubly excited because it came with nail stamping tools.

What’s in my Ofloe Nail Art Kit?
Stamping Tool Kit
1 Ofloe Rectangular Image Plate
1 Ofloe Circular Image Plate
1 Ofloe Black Nail Polish
1 Ofloe White Nail Polish
1 Ofloe Gel Remover

First Attempt

At first, I was lost on how to use the nail stamping tools and I was also worried because I thought it would be too difficult to use. However, I was surprised that it was fairly easy to use. My first attempt did involve a lot of tissues. It took me a bit of practice to get the hang of stamping my nail.

How to use the nail stamping kit:
1. Apply nail polish on the desired pattern on the image plate.
2. Use the scraper to scrape off excess nail polish.
3. Use the pattern stamp to transfer the pattern onto your nails.

That's basically it and if you're confused about the steps that I mentioned, you can watch the video at the end of this post.

I like how the Ofloe nail polishes are fairly quick to dry. As for the Ofloe stamping tools, it's fairly easy to use despite my first time trying a nail stamping tool set. It's also best to use a top coat to make the nail patterns last longer. The Ofloe Gel Remover was able to quickly remove the nail polish and I like how it didn't smell too strongly. I find that it had a relatively mild smell compared to other nail polish removers.

I also used the nail polish remover to clean the stamping tools as well as the image plates and it was almost as good as new.

The stamping patterns on the circular image plates are easier to use since you don't have to cover the entire nail with a pattern.


I would like to thank Manila Influencer and Ofloe for sending me this Ofloe Nail Art Kit to try and review.

Watch me try the Ofloe Nail Art Kit.


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