Kpop Music Video Inspired Outfits with YesStyle Clothes

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you’ll know that I started this blog with style blogging. I haven’t done outfit posts for a while now but thanks to YesStyle, I have a couple of outfits ready for this post. I worked on a Kpop Music Video Inspired Outfits vlog using clothes that I got from YesStyle.

YesStyle Haul
SURELIN - Heart Faux Leather Harness Garter
Lucuna - Elbow-Sleeve Flower-Accent A-Line Mesh Dress
Niji Smile - Mini Pleated Skirt
HYAKU - Plaid Light Jacket
Pinatra - Cargo Pleated Mini Skirt
Malnia Home - Chain Detail Asymmetric Vest
DuckleBeam - Couple Matching Lettering Baseball Jacket

Blackpink Lovesick Girls
The first Kpop MV outfit that I tried to recreate is from Blackpink’s Lovesick Girls. The outfit I tried to recreate is the one worn by Jisoo. It’s the easiest to recreate but I feel like it was a bit of a fail on my part. I don’t have a red Tbaby shirt, most of my red tops are red blouses. I feel like I looked a bit frumpy when I matched the red blouse and my plaid skirt. Also, I got the color wrong with the plaid skirt. It was supposed to be a darker plaid skirt like the one Jisoo wore. 

Jisoo wears a hooded plaid jacket for her outfit but I chose this plaid jacket instead since the plaid design and color were close to the one Jisoo wore.

Twice More and More
For my second outfit, I tried to recreate Dahyun’s outfit where she wore a fairy-like gray dress. Her dress was a midi bodycon dress. The dress I chose was a bit shorter and it was an A-line dress. At first, I was afraid that the dress I chose would be too thin. Luckily, it wasn’t thin at all since it came with an inner dress. Also, despite the tulle-like fabric, the fabric was not itchy at all and it was actually quite comfortable.

Blackpink Kill This Love
My third outfit is also inspired by a music video by Blackpink, it’s inspired by Kill This Love. I didn’t try to recreate an outfit from a specific member but I tried to create a new look with the same elements. They wore a lot of details involving cargo and leather which was why I chose a cargo skirt and a cargo vest with chains.

iKon Love Scenario
Last but not least is the outfit inspired by Love Scenario. Love Scenario by iKon is my favorite Korean song which was why I felt like including it to this as part of my Kpop MV-inspired outfits. It’s not inspired by a specific member but it’s something I would wear if I was part of the music video. They wore loose clothes and multiple layers of clothing. I wore the plaid jacket again and wore this super cute baseball jacket. The gray pants that I wore are also from YesStyle and it was included in my YesStyle quarantine must-have items post.


The clothes I listed at the start of this post are all from YesStyle and they total around $100 (Php5,000+). The pricing is quite reasonable as the clothes are very high-quality. It doesn’t look cheap at all and the fabric is quite thick yet it feels comfortable. You can use my code KBEAUTYLOVER on YesStyle to get extra discounts.

Watch my Kpop MV Inspired Outfits video on my YouTube channel.


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