Ogana Cell Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser Review

A cleanser formulated with peptides, the Ogana Cell Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser is a “smart cleanser” manufactured by Ogana Cell, a Korean Premium Derma Cosmetics company. Utilizing Ogana Cell’s Biotechnology, this cleanser cleanses ultrafine dust, pollutants, and wastes from the skin using only skin-friendly ingredients.

Key Ingredients
Walnut shell pellets

Ogana Cell Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser Review
With a gel-like texture, the Ogana Cell Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser looks pretty with its exfoliants floating in the cleanser. I like how it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after rinsing it off. My skin felt oil-free and looked dirt-free after washing off the cleanser.

The fine dust of the walnut shell acts as an exfoliant and the amount of the exfoliants is not a lot so you'll hardly feel it when you massage the cleanser on your skin unless you apply a lot of force when you cleanse. However, I don't exactly like the idea of using walnut shells as exfoliants even if it's fine dust. I prefer using chemical exfoliants in general. I like this as a cleanser but you should probably treat it as an exfoliant and not use it on a daily basis to prevent over-exfoliating.

At first, I didn’t know that the particles floating in the cleanser were micro walnut shells since I forgot to read the label which is why I probably applied a little too much force (if you noticed it in the video). Luckily, it wasn’t that harsh or tough since my skin didn’t end up being reddish but like I said, I still prefer chemical exfoliators over physical exfoliators.


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Watch me unbox and try on the Ogana Cell Peptide Concentrating Tornado Cleanser.