VT Cosmetics Cica No Sebum Mild Powder Review

A multi-tasking powder, the VT Cosmetics Cica No Sebum Mild Powder is a powder that is richly infused with skin-soothing ingredients. It helps absorb excess sebum while setting makeup to keep makeup last all day long while keeping the skin fresh-looking.

Key Ingredients

Green Propolis Extract
Hyaluronic Acid

A lightweight powder, the VT Cosmetics Cica No Sebum Mild Powder keeps the sebum and sweat of my skin at bay. I like how it doesn’t leave my skin looking white. Rather, it leaves my skin looking matte and feeling smooth. Although it can keep sweat at bay, I prefer wiping off the sweat of my skin first before applying the powder. When I stay indoors where it’s nice and cool, I usually don’t need to reapply the powder because my face usually won’t get oily.

When it comes to fixing my makeup
I have oily skin so my makeup tends to start looking oily at some point. Wearing two face masks (double masking) tends to produce steam around my mouth area, which tends to mess up my makeup which is why I usually use a soothing face mist first to rehydrate my skin. Doing so usually fixes the creases. After the mist settles on my skin, I proceed to apply the powder for a nice makeup finish.

Watch the unboxing.

I received this mask as part of my prize from Picky and VT Cosmetics. I was selected as one of their MVP Reviewer for the VT Cosmetics Cica Daily Soothing Mask & Spot Patch Set Review. I received the VT Cosmetics Cica X Hyalon Cherry Blossom Cica Edition Box.