Lomere Prime Truffle Cell Repair Brightening Cream Review

Lomere or “Love Me More” is a skincare brand for people who discover beauty through healthy skin. My first impression of this skincare brand is that their products look really pretty and luxurious. If you’re into rose gold, then you’ll definitely love their packaging. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Lomere Prime Truffle Cell Repair Brightening Cream. If you’re worried about wrinkles but want to brighten your skin at the same time, then this cream is for you. 

Slightly acidic, hypoallergenic formula
Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin
Hypoallergenic test completed
Naturally-derived ingredients

Key Ingredients
Black Truffle
Cocoa Seed Extract

Wrinkle Improvement

I love the beautiful color of the Lomere Prime Truffle Cell Repair Brightening Cream, to me it sort of appears to be rose gold. It does not feel sticky or greasy at all. I like that it leaves my skin looking bright and dewy. My skin feels moisturized after using this cream. I have oily, acne-prone skin so I like that this cream doesn’t clog my pores.

I find this skin repairing and brightening cream suitable for me because I’m worried about premature skin aging due to excessive sun exposure as well as my skin darkening because of the sun exposure. I mean I always wear sunscreen but sometimes I cannot avoid direct sun exposure like when I went to Ocean Park.

Where to get it?
I got the Lomere Prime Truffle Cell Repair Brightening Cream on Shopee. Even though it was shipped from Korea, I received it quite fast.