Slowganic O2 Toning Capsule Toner Review

If your skin has been feeling dry lately, then you’ll want to try this toner from Slowganic. Aside from providing long-lasting moisture, the Slowganic O2 Toning Capsule Toner can repair the skin’s oil and water balance thanks to its encapsulated oil droplets.

The texture is quite interesting, you can see something that looks like bubbles floating in the toner. These bubbles are actually the watery-oil capsule which contains moisturizing oil ingredients. The capsules are encapsulated by a membrane composed of naturally derived gum.

KFDA certified in whitening and anti-wrinkle function
Free from harmful ingredients
Completed skin low-irritation test
Two patented ingredients
Oil capsule


Key Ingredients
Chondrus Crispus Extract
Sugarcane Extract
Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract
Bergamot Fruit Oil
Rosa Hybrid Flower Extract
Ceramide NP

The Slowganic O2 Toning Capsule Toner is probably the thickest toner that I have ever tried. This toner is so viscous that you really have to give a good shake to dispense the toner. I would describe it as almost gel-like and like an ampoule. It’s not sticky at all. It’s highly hydrating and moisturizing, it’s probably one of the most hydrating toners that I have tried. It does take a while for my skin to fully absorb the toner when I apply a lot of it. 

When I use the Slowganic O2 Toning Capsule Toner along with the Slowganic O2 Toning Oil and the Slowganic O2 Toning Cream, my skin stays moisturized all day long. Even when I wear a face mask for the whole day, my skin still feels moisturized at the end of the day. It didn’t feel dry at all. 

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