Rom&nd Han All Flat Brow #C2 Grace Taupe Review

If you’re into light looking eyebrows that can create natural-looking brows, then you’ll like the Rom&nd Han All Flat Brow #C2 Grace Taupe. Not only can it create a natural looking makeup for your brows, but is is also formulated with coating film and oil to resist sweat and smudging.

This Korean eyebrow pencil was part of my Olive Young Welcome Box. I’ve also reviewed other Rom&nd makeup products before and I love how they always seem so trendy.

The Rom&nd Han All Flat Brow #C2 Grace Taupe is actually lighter than I expected. The color of this eyebrow pencil is so light that I could hardly see the difference when I tried to apply it on my hands. However, when I applied it near my eyebrows to “extend” my eyebrows, it looked quite nice and natural. It definitely works better for lighter skin colors because of the really light shade. It adhered quite well to my skin, it didn’t smudge and it lasted for the entire day.

It doesn’t become lumpy or flaky even when I keep reapplying it over the same spot.

It has a flat, slanted tip that makes it easy to draw light lines on my eyebrows.

It has a built-in spoolie to groom the eyebrows.

Where to Get It?
You can get the Rom&nd Han All Flat Brow #C2 Grace Taupe for $8.61 on Olive Young. You can use my code (KBEAUTY7) to get 5% off on Olive Young. Prices are subjected to change.