Autumn Heart

< It’s that time of the year again, the time where I bring out the knit. We don’t exactly have autumn here in the Philippines (we only have wet and dry season), but I consider this time of the year as Autumn. I like the word Autumn, I think it would make a great name. Although my friend prefers Summer but I think he just really likes the movie “500 Days of Summer”.

I love this outfit because it has lace, knit and tulle all in one outfit. Beneath my ROMWE long-sleeved lace top, you can find (but might not see) my lace tank top. I topped it off with my JAMY knit cardigan to get a puffy effect on the end of my lace top. The lace top and the knit cardigan was just the right length top show the poofy-ness of my tulle skirt.

Speaking of things that are poofy, my hair is getting poofier by the minute! But by poofy, I mean messy. I might need to make a visit to the salon to trim the ends of my hair. I don’t think you can see what I mean in these pictures but when I look up close at the mirror, the messiness is all I can see.

Meet Biscuit, the yellow pup. :3 This is my gift to my friend hihi. Oh and I love this bag inside and out, it has two compartments inside, perfect for a girl like me who has a lot of things in her bag lol.

JAMY cream knit cardigan; ROMWE lace long sleeved top; ROMWE cream and black quilted satchel; black layered tulle skirt; nude pumps