So I came home one day and I saw this package. I was like, “Wowee, a package from Korea!” Then I marched off holding it up while going to my dog and I made her sniff it. I circled around her and she kept barking furiously at me. I told her, “No! You can’t have it, it’s mine! MINE!” Then I ran off giggling towards our living room. You must think I’m weird but I’m like this in my good vibe days and especially when I’m with one of my friends. Although, I do remember acting like this a lot back in high school. I must have been one happy duck.

So Weirdo Me aside, this time’s outfit is casual. I chose this shirt because of my love for pastel watermelon themed outfits. But I didn’t expect the quality of the cloth to be so soft. “Very Exquisite!” says me in a failed attempt of a French accent. lol. The design of this shirt reminds of me of those baseball shirts except these sleeves are shorter, perfect for that all year round hot weather we have here in the Philippines. I got this top from JAMY and they have free shipping. Yes my dear, free shipping. I added that last bit because I have a friend who complains about shops who have expensive international shipping fees. Last night, I showed this site and the clothes to my cousin who loves all things Korean and she said she loved it. I told her she could try my clothes if she wants and told her, it has touched Seoul. Lol. If you want to find out more about JAMY, Joyful Artistic Magical Youthful, then check out JAMY’s about page.

Aw men, I didn’t realize how dependent I was of our television. I usually edit my pictures, blog and do other things while watching TV. A lot of things aren’t working right now, not sure why though, I think it was something like something got grounded.

JAMY red, green and white splicing top with a zippered pocket; ROMWE white scallop shorts; SM Accessories mettalic envelope clutch; Simplejoys pink simple headband; Ichigo brown and blue oxfords

Meet my new dogs! Just kidding haha. These are the two dogs we met while we were walking our dog, Bruha, after we took pictures of my outfit.