Denim Darling Returns

The Denim Darling returns! I think this denim dress looks really cute haha. I got it from Mart of China. And my grandma asked me “Are you wearing THAT to school?” I’m like, “Whaaaat? Whyyyyy? I think it’s cute. Hmph.” Lol. Someone even called me a doll because of this outfit lol. Anyway, do you remember my old outfits with Mart of China? You should check it out if you haven’t yet, I really adore the shoes I got from them.

I recently started playing LinePlay and I got my avatar to wear a dress similar to mine haha.

Matchy-matchy with the color scheme. :>

Mart of China lace peter pan collared denim dress with lace details; Simplejoys white simple bendable headband; Ichigo brown and blue girly oxfords; The Ramp hemp woven backpack

I was bored at school last Saturday so I took some photos of these cats. The sleeping one is the daddy while the second one is his son.