Ugh Finals

I woke up on Monday panicking because I though I was late then I saw my phone had several unread texts saying that classes were suspended so I happily went back to sleep. That was a good day. :3

Hell week is starting again. And as I’ve said in my Need More Sleep outfit post, I got this tank top for this reason alone, to wear it on hell week lol. Anyway, I might not blog as much because of exams and other school works but I will try to queue some posts for you so you won’t miss me. ;)

My hair is so floofy here. My friend keeps saying “It’s so fluffy” while twirling my hair. I do that to one of my friends too, I pat her hair because it’s so fluffeh haha. Sorry if you can’t see what my face looks like with glasses in these pictures. Nowadays, I turn shy when I wear my glasses. But if you really want to see what I look like in glasses, check my Casual Friday outfit post.

ROMWE need more sleep black tank top; ROMWE lace shorts; Kashieca gray knit cardigan; black boots