Bring Back The Old

Bring back the old! My old favorite style to be exact. Right now, my favorite style is sweet and pastel but sometimes I miss this style. It reminds me of my old high school days. Speaking of high school, my friends gave me this hat for my sixteenth birthday but I rarely get the chance to wear it because it’s usually hot here in the Philippines.

I really like this top, this top was what made me like batwing tops in the first place.

My laptop is broken right now so I can’t edit any new photos for my blog. I’m still figuring out what’s wrong with it, it won’t charge but I’m not sure if it’s because the charger is broken or because the DC Jack is broken. I hope it won’t be expensive to fix. :/ So for now, I’ll be using the school computer to write my blog posts. Thank God, I’ve queued some photos. Let’s just hope this is resolved by next week.

white knit beanie; white jolly roger; ROMWE denim shorts with lace details; ROMWE retro black sheer lace leggings; black boots