Just like Tong Yang, my family always eat at King Chef Seafood restaurant. We usually go there for the dimsum promo. It’s usually the restaurant we go to whenever we need a fix of Chinese food. I wore my Creme outfit when we here.

Taosi Spareribs
My grandma loves this. This was the first time I tried taosi spareribs, I got curious as to why she liked it. Honestly, the appearance seemed to make it look unappetizing to me but I guess you can’t judge by looks. It tasted pretty good and the pork was tender. I liked it.

Bird’s Eye Dumpling
The name of this dish made me hesitant to eat it but I gave it a try anyway after much persuasion from my parents. It reminded me of hakaw since it had shrimp inside and the skin is the same as well. I think the topping was fish eggs, similar to the one used in california maki and Japanese siomai.

I am not a fan of machang so I don’t have anything to say about it because I don’t eat it. Machang is sticky rice wrapped in leaves.

Bean Curd Skin Roll
This was absolutely my favorite. I always ordered bean curd roll every time we visit King Chef. It’s like shanghai roll except the wrap is made of bean curd or tofu skin. It has veggies inside and shrimp inside and the bean curd skin sauce makes it extra yummy.

Forgive me, I forgot what this dish was called. The skin was similar to the skin used for buchi, a Chinese dessert, it was chewy too. It had beef inside. Overall, it was surprisingly good, the only downside was the beef wasn’t enough and I had to eat the skin without any filling.