“It Is The Time You Have Lost For Your Rose That Makes Your Rose So Important.” (The Little Prince)

Today, I will introduce to you a new shop, RoseGal. But first, I’ll talk about my outfit. I tried my best to match the colors in my outfit. I alternated the brown and the gold pieces in my outfit. For some reason, I’m still mesmerized by the beauty of lace. I find lace to be elegantly designed but what I really love is the texture. It’s the texture that makes the lace design much more beautiful. Just like how the texture of the sweater brought out the beauty of the lace design.

RoseGal is an online fashion outlet that sells vintage pieces as well as contemporary styles at affordable prices. RoseGal was founded by a group of friends with a love for fashion and clothes. Their goal is to inspire girls with their love for fashion. I have prepared three collages of RoseGal pieces for you which is, of course, patterned according to my styles. The first collage portrays a vibrant young woman whose confidence catches the attention of people as she struts her way down the streets of the city, the second one visualizes the modern sophisticated lady who is elegant in attitude and in appearance and the last one is a sweet, beautiful girl who has a love for all things cute. Whether you want to look casual, elegant or sweet, RoseGal can help you in your journey of fashion.

RoseGal brown splicing lace sweater; gold faux leather skirt; brown knee high socks; gold sequin shoes