My mom bought the tank top I’m wearing here as a souvenir from one of their trips abroad. I think it was from Singapore or Taiwan? I don’t really remember since it took me two years before I wore it. Back then I was thinking that I didn’t like it but when I found it in my closet recently, I thought that it looked really pretty with the fun colors and the lace details.

As for my skirt, I’ve been waiting eagerly for it to arrive. I had a feeling that it was what I was looking for. True enough, I got what I wanted. It feels as though I’m wearing sheer because when I move, it moves with me. But unlike sheer, it is not transparent nor is it too thin thanks to the pleats. What’s more was that it was colored cream, one of my favorite colors to wear. I didn’t realize that I was always wearing off-white and cream colored clothing at school before I was recently told so.

I have had these sandals since I was in high school and they already broke down once from being worn out. The soles and the straps got separated so I had to bring them to a cobbler and he sewed them back together and when I got them back, I noticed that it was sturdier than before.

Always Lost But Never Found.

Vintage Style By Indy tiered lace and cute drawing tank top; Romwe cream pleated puffy skirt; JAMY cream knitted cardigan; CLN black gladiator sandals