My parents really love eating at Tong Yang so this food roundup is dedicated to the food I ate there last 2013. I don’t really mind that we eat there a lot since I love Chinese and Japanese food. They have sushi too but I didn’t get them this time. I usually try out different dishes whenever we dine there. I like having sinigang soup for the hotpot. I wore my iAnyWear outfit when we ate here.

I usually eat dory when we go to Tong Yang. I grill mine with teriyaki sauce mixed with some garlic. I’m strangely addicted to them.

Desserts are a main part of what I eat there too, I usually have their pastries and their ice cream.

This was the first time I tried their buko pandan and I regretted that I only tried it recently. I found it yummy especially when I had it with ice cream.

I usually have their pineapples but this time I opted for their watermelon. Fruits are a good way for me to end my meal.