New Year Countdown


Sorry for the lack of posts, I was supposed to blog my Christmas outfit but I wasn’t able to because the place that we were staying at Tagaytay had no internet so I guess I’ll be posting that later on. I’ll blog my New Year Countdown outfit and photodump first since it fits the occasion.

I decided to wear sequins since I thought that they were perfect for a New Year’s party where it’s all about being sparkly and shiny. As for the rose skirt, I thought it matched well with the sequin tank top. Honestly, I wanted to wear heels for this outfit but I already brought too much with me for this trip so I opted for a more casual look by wearing these sneakers.

My New Year’s Eve date is Santa Claus, shhh!

The singer was wearing sequins as well.

When the clock struck midnight, the balloons and confetti were released.

This happened during last night’s black out and everyone including me thought it was part of the show and I was anticipating that something big will happen so I snapped a shot with my camera and this is what came out.

Ending the year with a bang.

thrifted sequin tank top; Romwe pink rose skirt; pink vintage layered socks; floral sneakers