As a kid, I would often wonder what I would wear when I grow up. I wondered about what kind of clothes I would wear as a teen and what kind of clothes I can wear when I reach adulthood. Did I end up wearing the kind of clothes that I thought I would wear? Not really. The idea and style were somewhat there but there were huge differences as well due to new trends and better access to clothes. Discovering sheer was one of the best thing that has ever happened to me when it comes to fashion. Now that I’m a teen, I start wondering what I would wear when I reach adulthood or what I would wear to work if there were no uniforms in my workplace but it never crossed my mind to wonder what I would wear when I grow old until this outfit post, that is. The thought simply never bothered me.

To me, it was just a far off future that future Prelel would have to ponder on but now that this outfit post has made me wonder, I mused to myself that I would most likely wear the same type of clothes that I’m wearing now. Would I still be fashionable enough to wear sheer? Maybe. However, the thought of having to wear a extra layer of clothing like camisoles might become a hassle. As for the floral prints, I guess I would have to tone it down to something that is not so cluttered looking, it might mean no more florals on florals for me. I am hoping that I would be able to pull off peter pan collars, I find them so adorable. One thing’s for sure, I absolutely will not be able to pull off heels anymore but I might need the warm, fuzzy socks. Whether or not I will wear a hat is a blur to me since I might end up with short hair when I grow old. The bottom line is, I would want to wear something loose or flowy whether it is a duster or a top paired with pants.

Romwe black peter pan collar sheer floral print long sleeved blouse; Zara floral print and eyelet lace skirt; black rabbit ears quilt bag; white socks; pink peep toe heels; black hat