Hello hello, welcome to the part two of my Banzai post! I took these photos in Banzai. I had a hard time with the pictures with the Japanese lanterns because the background was so dark. The same goes for the art room, I found the lighting a bit too dark but not as dark as the lantern area. By the way, you can find the art room somewhere near the lanterns. There is a passage near the lanterns and another passage near the entrance where the ushers are. You can try on their costumes there and take a photo with the bikes and the sumo background.

I decided to pair my new black lace dress with my fluffy pink rose skirt. Because the bodycon dress is form-fitting while the skirt is so puffy, the overall effect I got was similar to the trumpet skirt. Because I paired the black dress with the light pink skirt, the lace details became more visible. However, the real reason that I paired this skirt with this dress is because I found it too short but a few days later, I wore this black dress again without the skirt but with the tights. I think it looked pretty good even without the skirt. You’ll see what I mean once I post that outfit post.

Romwe black scallop hem and scallop neckline lace dress; Romwe pink fluffy rose skirt; Mart of China gold ankle boots; Tmart black book bag