Mann Hann is another one of our family’s favorite Chinese restaurants. We used to eat here a lot back when I was in high school but we rarely go there now or at least, I can rarely go with them because of my night classes. They serve good food but for some reason, there’s always a waiting line but that’s probably because we usually go there during dinner time.

Hot And Sour Soup (P250)
As I’ve mentioned before, hot and sour soup is my favorite Chinese soup. Its soup is similar to the soup the use in Maki. It was viscous and yummy and it went well with the egg yolk. I liked the tofu that was in the soup, it was firm unlike the mapo tofu’s.

Mapo Tofu (P210)
I like my mapo tofu spicy so I was a bit disappointed when it did not taste as spicy as I wanted. I was not even sure if it was spicy since I have a high tolerance for spicy food. As opposed to the hot and sour soup’s tofu, I disliked the mapo tofu’s soft tofu. It was soft like the taho as a dessert. The sauce and mushrooms compensated for my dislike of the softness of the soft tofu.

Fried Squid Head (P285)
Their squid was crunchy to the bite and tasty, especially with the sauce.

Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet (P285)
The sweet and sour fish fillet was deliciously crunchy and was the first dish to be finished. I tasted mostly sweet than sour, not that I disliked that. I like sweet things.

Beef Broccoli Flower (P300)
The beef was tender and savory. The broccoli was alright, like your standard vegetable but it felt complete when eaten with the beef. Together, the blend of crunchy and tender was to my liking.

Buko Sherbert
We had buko sherbert which was sweet and crispy for dessert.