I just adore this dress! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but when I saw how this dress looked on me, all my doubts faded away. Let me explain, when I first saw this dress on Romwe, I was unsure as to how this dress would look on me or if it would suit my body type. At that time, they did not have a picture of someone wearing this floral dress. They only had a couple of product pictures. What’s more was that this dress was ALWAYS on sale. That only added more to my pile of doubts. I mean, it looks amazing and yet it does not cost much (when it is on sale) so I was wondering, “What’s the catch?” It turns out that the only catch is that it made me look sweet and elegant!

As you can see above, this dress hugs my curves and accentuates them perfectly. It hides my arm fat (haha) too by covering them up an intricate and lovely floral embroidery and don’t get me started on the mesh skirt of this dress, I just love the way it floats. It is like how sheer moves except that it is heavier so the wind will have a harder time of blowing it upwards. Ugh, I hate it when that happens.

As for this post’s title, I think it speaks for itself but I want to gush about it. It looks as if I am ready to go to a tea party of some sort. Having a picnic in this outfit sounds lovely as well! I cannot help but love the result of this outfit I pieced together. The rose necklace accentuates the floral design of the dress and replaces the need for a bag to complete the outfit but it is the hat that puts it all together as an outfit for a picnic at the park or a tea party!

Romwe khaki floral embroidered mesh dress; Romwe pink rose flower and pearl necklace; off-white hat; nude pumps