ecently, I got hooked on watching Bob’s Burgers and this place sort of reminds of the show, just because it is a burger joint. Anyway, I did not go to 8 Cuts because it reminds me of the show. I actually went there before I started watching Bob’s Burgers. It was the time around finals where most of the people I knew were talking about 8 Cuts and how good their burgers were. True enough, when I went to try their food with my friend, I absolutely thought it was delish.

Here is where they press and grind.

I first wore this top on my Redemption outfit.

8 Cuts Menu
Here is a sneak peek of their menu. I found their menu pretty interesting. I was wondering why their name was 8 Cuts and it says in their menu that everything is house-ground with 8 cuts of the best beef and lamb. Anyway, you can find more interesting tidbits in their menu.

Arnold Palmer
If I remember correctly, they had iced tea, lemonade and Arnold Palmer for bottomless drinks. I was curious about the Arnold Palmer so I decided to ask the waiter about it and he said it was a combination of iced tea and lemonade. I thought it was pretty cool. I liked it though, it was surprisingly good.

Bottomless Arnold Palmer costs 95 pesos.

Chicken Tenders With Dips
Actually, they do not just sell burgers. I tried out their chicken tenders and it was good. The chicken was crunchy on the outside and tender inside but when I tried it out with their roasted jalapeno ranch dip and their curried mango aioli dip, it was absolutely heavenly.

This dish is called buttermilk chicken tenders with roasted jalapeno ranch and curried mango aioli. It costs 270 pesos.

Four Cheese Burger
Since I was the one who chose the non-burger dish which was chicken tenders, my friend was the one who got to choose the burger. As promised by the other people who were hyping about 8 Cuts, their burgers did in fact taste good. Their burger patty was so tasty and juicy. The four cheese sauce it came with really brought out the flavor of the patty. Oh and did I mention that I like really cheese?

The Four Cheese Burger was one of their Tributes Burgers which costs 245 pesos for single patty and 345 pesos for double patty. Its description is Parmesan-crusted quarter-pounder beef bomb blend patty of chuck and short rib, yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula, garlic aioli all on a sesame seed bun.

My verdict is that this is a must-try and I would really like to go back here. My only complain is that it is a bit too pricey for my wallet but then again, I cannot really complain because of the good quality ingredients they use. The 8 Cuts I went to was in UP Town Center which is near our school. I know some people who go here to meet and study. It does seem like a good place to study or just chill because of its ambiance.

8 Cuts is located at the second floor of UP Town Center beside Dulcelin Gourmet.