“Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone” - How I Live Now
I have always felt like I had a good grasp of the art of adapting, whether it comes to people or to situations. Although it is not always the case that I would want to adapt, sometimes I feel like being indifferent when it comes to matters of insignificance. However, “adapting” can cause me to build up pressure and expectations bound to end up unfulfilled. By adapting, I mean wearing some sort of (fictional) mask. If you’ve watched the movie “How I Live Now”, you might be able to make sense of my ramblings. I cannot guarantee that you will like the movie but I, for some reason, felt a connection to some degree with the movie and I did like one of the songs from the movie entitled “Daughter - Home (Jon Hopkins Remix)”. It sounds so trippy and mellow, I like it. A lot of people can make the same connection I made.

Similar to the leading lady of the movie, I have a set of self-imposed rules that I may unconsciously follow when I’m under pressure. If those so-called rules fail to keep me from falling over the edge, I turn to my blog as an outlet to all that pressure. Blogging, although it comes with its own set of pressures, makes me happy. Sad to say, I might not be able to keep up my blogging activities for a while since it’s back to school for me. I might or might not end up limiting my posts to one blog post a week. I am planning to make most of my senior year by applying for a minor and by participating in extracurricular activities (org projects). I am attempting to fulfill what I have promised myself in my The Drowsy Damsel Dreams outfit post. Hopefully, I will be able to queue some posts and reply to emails and comments on time.

Let’s move on the ramblings to my outfit. As you know, I love wearing loose clothes and layering my outfits. Those two things are one of the few reasons why I absolutely adore my new jacket! My new jacket has filled the void of my long lost black blazer of which has yet to turn up (I mentioned before that I was depressed about losing my favorite blazer). However, what I find unique about this jacket is its shape. I find the oversize look as cute! Thanks to the large opening of the sleeves, more cool air can circulate inside the jacket which makes it not as hot as you might think but I still will not recommend it for a scorching summer day! By the way, this is the outfit that I was talking about in my Lace and Pink Blossoms outfit where I wore my black lace dress.

Romwe black scallop hem and scallop neckline lace dress; Romwe black and yellow batwing hooded jacket; Mart of China gold ankle boots; ZeroUV black cat eye sunglasses; Tmart black book bag
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my mom. I wanna thank her for having patience with this tripod-less photoshoot and my constant request of retaking the photos since I had to continuously change the camera settings but at least she got some nice pictures out of it since I made her stand in as my model while I fix the camera settings. By the way if you do not know it yet, I am having a pinterest giveaway !