Say hello to my very white outfit! This white outfit came out better than expected. I was anxious that it would make me look fatter because white clothes tend to make people seem fatter. White has the opposite effect of black, black makes people seem slimmer. That and I was worried about the other clothes not being distinct because they all come in white. Just like in my Florals on Florals outfit, I’m still trying out different styles although it is not as awkward. For the next few posts, you will be able see a different aspect of my style. Hopefully, you will love it. By the way, does my dress remind you of something? Take note of the chocolates, lipsticks, hearts with arrows, rings, roses and champagne. I think it looks like a Valentine’s Day theme dress! You think so too, right? Right?

As I mentioned in my The Drowsy Damsel Dreams outfit and my How I Live Now outfit, I am working towards the road to fulfilling my goals! Although I may still look I am getting kinda of chubby —lol I just reminded myself of Tangled, I wanna watch it again—, my later outfit posts would beg to differ. I have been jogging every week now. What is my motivation? Well, it helps that my parents are making me do so just like they did back in high school. How about you, are you working your way to reaching your goals and maybe even soaring past them?

Romwe white various print (chocolates, lipsticks, roses and rings) sleeveless puff dress with white belt; Uniqlo white lapel cardigan; white rose necklace; white ruffled socks; white jeweled headband; white cutout wedges