Back when I used to participate in fun runs in Mall of Asia, My family and I would always drop by Emerald Garden in Roxas Boulevard to dine or to take out food. My mom would always order their yummy chicken curry pie for take out but for some reason, their chicken curry pie is only available in the morning and it always sells out fast. As for the food we usually eat, my parents usually order the food below. We usually order spinach soup as well but since not all of my siblings were there the day we dropped by Emerald Garden, we had to limit the food.

Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet
Aside from the fish fillet, this dish had red pepper slices, green pepper slices and pineapple chunks. There is really nothing special about this dish, it was delicious like the other sweet and sour fish fillet that I have tried but it really went well with the other food we ordered.

3 Kinds Of Mushroom
As the name says, this dish had three different kinds of mushroom along with some other vegetables such as carrots. It is perfect for people like me who love mushrooms. This was one of our “healthy” dishes. My parents usually order a vegetable dish to encourage us to eat vegetables, not that we need any more encouragement but it is probably done out of habit since they are health conscious.

Crispy Noodles
I don’t recall what this was called so I decided to ask my mom since she was the one who ordered this dish. She remembered it as being something like “crispy noodles”. When the waiter brought this dish to the table, the crispy noodles were separated from its sauce and the waiter was the one who poured the sauce over the noodles. The sauce had carrots and mushrooms as well as bamboo and shrimp or something that tasted like bamboo and shrimp. I could not tell over the sauce.

Beef And Mushroom With Broccoli
Their beef and mushroom was as appetizing as it looked. Chewy and tender, their beef was one of the highlights of the meal and the first one to go. I appreciate a well-prepared beef and theirs did not disappoint. I like to think that beef and mushroom are a match made in heaven, the broccoli is just a supporting character, there to give an extra crunch.

Shrimp Salad
Shrimp salad is one my favorite Emerald Garden dishes! It is one of their unique dishes. At first, it will seem like some sort of fruit salad. Technically, it is some sort of fruit salad but with a twist which would be the shrimp. Amazingly, it was delicious and did not seem like some dessert. The shrimp was chewy and scrumptious, just the way I like my shrimp. Thanks to the fruits, the shrimp salad had an extra citrusy zing.

Minced Duck With Lettuce
If you love those wraps with duck and hoisin sauce then you will love their minced duck with lettuce dish but be warned that if you find yourself in a situation where you want to impress someone or show off your elegance or manners then you might want to avoid getting this dish unless you’re not too shy to ask the waiters for an extra service of wrapping the lettuce and minced duck for you. As for my experience, my first attempt was rolling the lettuce with minced duck by using a tissue. That took quite a while so I gave up and just used my hands for my second attempt. For the following attempts, I got lazy and just made it into a sandwich instead of making it into a roll. If you lack lettuce, you can ask the waiter to bring you extra lettuce. I’m not sure if they charge you for that though.

Mango Sago
For dessert, My brother and I ordered mango sago. I liked that the sago was small and chewy, I like them that way. Aside from that, it’s your run-of-the-mill mango sago but with a little more tasty mango puree.