It is almost the end of the summer for me, so I decided to pay tribute to this year’s summer by wearing a very summer-y outfit filled with florals, roses, sheer and denim. Not to sound vain but I absolutely adore my choice of clothes in this outfit. My only wish (or mistake) was wearing flip flops, it would have been better if the sole was not so flat since for some reason, I have a habit of curling up my toes when I wear footwear with soles too flat for my taste.

What makes a summer-y outfit seem like a summer-y outfit to me? Usually, you have to have a pair of sunglasses, a nice sunny-looking hat, an easy-breezy dress, a light and bright cover up and a tote-ready bag. This summer beckons to my girly side. Note the flowers, hearts, bows, sequins and cute bear print.

I got this bag from Mart of China and I love it! At first, my hopes for this bag were not that high because of the way it looked in the product photos but when I got this bag, I was glad I got it. I found out that this bag had two different straps that can be used. One strap was fixed and made of chains and PU material. The other strap was adjustable. Aside from the strap, you can tote the bag by using the bag handles. As for the quality, the bag is high quality and looks like it will be so sturdy that it will last me for quite a while. At first, I thought that the bag was made of faux leather but on a closer look, it is actually made of PU material. I have bad experiences with my old faux leather bags since the material is too thin that they tend to peel off with time but this brown PU studded tote bag I’m toting right now has the best of both worlds since it looks almost like faux leather. Although I think that this bag is perfect for summer outings like going to the beach, I will definitely be using this as one of my school bags next semester since it is big enough to fit my notebook and other school things. It seems to be water resistant too, that would be a good thing for the coming rainy season.

Romwe light blue distressed sequined bear off shoulder dress; Mart of China brown PU material adjustable strap tote bag; ZeroUV pink ceramic flower embellished red heart sunglasses; Cotton On cream sheer kimono; Cotton On off white hat; pink bow flip flops; pink flower necklace