I find the food that The Food Club in Bluebay Walk serves as outstanding and worth my money. Sorry, I mean my parents’ money. The place looks good too. It was very roomy, perfect for relaxing with friends or family. However, because there are a lot of food you can choose from, you might end up missing on some of their food. Like I will mention below, the fruit shake station was obscured. There was also a shawarma station near the fruit shake station but I was not able to take a photo of it. You might want to think about what you really want to eat before you fill your plate so you do not end up regretting not being able to eat the food you really want because your tummy cannot take in anymore food. Mondays to Thursday costs P800 for lunch and P1000 for dinner. Fridays to Sundays for lunch and dinner each costs P1188. They have 5% service charge in addition to the cost of the buffet. The branch my family went to was in Bluebay Walk, Pasay City.

Sushi and sashimi station

Seafood station
Shellfish, shrimp and more seafood.

Tempura station: ebi furai or fried prawn and kisu furai or fried fish. Tempura moriawase (kakiage yasai)

Spring onions, tofu and seaweed for miso soup.

Chicken teriyaki

Yaki udon and salmon botune

Panfry tuna in soy honey sauce

Condiments for your dimsum: calamansi, chili oil, soy sauce, chili pepper and etc. In the reflection of the glass: me wearing my dress from my Roses on Easter outfit.

Seafood fried rice

Mustasa garlic, chicken noodles, dimsum station, mixed meat pancit canton and seafood fried rice.

Roasting station, red sausage, beef ampalaya tausi, jelly fish, sweet and sour chicken, pork asado, asparagus scallop, lechon macau and sea cucumber scallion.

Soft drinks dispenser is located beside the dimsum station.

Fruit juice and other sweet drinks, coffee and fruit shake station

Indian bread station

Cheese station: gruyere, gouda, brie and emental.

Chocolate fountain

My dad liked their shrimp. This was his plate, he had about two or three plates full of shrimp. Their shrimp was chewy, just the way I liked it.

I loved their salmon! I and my dad ate a lot of their salmon. I am not as fond of it as I am of smoked salmon but their salmon was close enough. It was even better with the sauce they had. I think it might have been dill sauce with sun-dried tomatoes with lime on the side.

Their fruit shake station was a bit hidden since at first look, you would only notice the fruits. You can ask the lady in charge of the fruit station to make you your fruit shake of choice. My choice was their melon shake, I had around 3 glasses.

I had never drank alcohol before until the day we dined at The Food Club. My dad urged me to try a glass of red wine to go with my beef so I did. Honestly, I did not like the taste but I was convinced by my parents telling me that it had health benefits. According to them, there was another kind of red wine which was sweet. I wish I could have tried sweet wine instead but sadly they do not serve those but they do serve white wine.

Say hello to my very gluttonous platter of sweets.

Yummy chocolate mousse with mallows and nuts on top.

This is my sister’s choice of crepe. After the lady in charge of the crepe station handed over her crepe, my sister went to the ice cream station to add a scoop of ice cream on top.

Now that is what I call an ice cream! It looks as appetizing as it was sweetly delicious.

If you are fond of eating duck, then keep an open eye and look for their duck! I did not notice that they had duck until the last minute.