Happy New Year! It will be a fluffy new year because the Year of the Sheep will officially begin on February 19! I hope that this year will be just as good as last year or even better. Despite my constant state of being sick, I still had great times. However, it was my first time getting admitted to a hospital for a week due to dengue as I mentioned in my Milanoo post. On the bright side, my friend visited me at the hospital despite the hassle. Aside from dengue, I was sick for around a week, I had a high fever due to tonsillitis. Had I known it was bacterial tonsillitis in the first place, then maybe I would have been able to avoid or minimize my high fever but I guess I could not help it since it was my first time getting tonsillitis. Also, it was my first time getting an ultrasound as part of my breast examination. My mom tells me that I have a lot of problems with my health right now due to my low resistance resulting from dengue, That being said, my new year’s resolution is to do everything I can to be healthier. What about your new year’s resolution?

Dresslily beige fluffy double dangling pom pom knit beanie; Romwe rhombus cable knit sweater; black skinny jeans; Forever 21 brown boots

Time Flies

Last year’s new year countdown post.