I and some of my relatives ate at La Famiglia Little Italy last year. It was my brother who decided the venue. This Italian restaurant is situated on the mezzanine which is an added bonus to their already fantastic ambiance. Since we were on a budget and the food was a bit too pricey for us, we decided to split each dish among ourselves. We were totally fine with this since some of us already ate dinner and the food we ordered were heavy on carbohydrates so no need to worry about not being full. Heads up, I might be mistaken regarding the names of some of the dishes since I lost the receipt and I am simply writing from memory.

I love their classic black and white setup.

We all know how pasta and pizza can get a little messy sometimes so having a tablecloth was a big help on minimizing the possible clothing stains.

They offer various flavors of pasta segregated into four different categories namely Rosso (housemade tomato sauce), Bianco (garlic-creme), Olio (olive oil) and Al Forno (oven-baked). They also serve pizza, various drinks, specialty drinks by Little Italy, coffee and tea.

For appetizers, my brother ordered Antipasti Misti for 515 pesos which contains calamari, funghi and zucchini.

The funghi or mushroom is coated in sauce and is layered on top of two slices of toasted bread.

At first, I thought these were mozzarella sticks but I only found out after consuming them that they were deep fried zucchini. Despite my constant hesitation in eating zucchini, I actually found these deep fried zucchini to my liking.

The calamari or deep fried squid was okay.

I am doubly biased towards mushrooms so I cannot give you a straight answer whether this was good or not but I, of course, could not get enough.

Along with this appetizer came two different kinds of sauce.

Their Margerita pizza costs 325 pesos which contains tomato concasse, basil leaves and mozzarella.

We also tried their Italian style meatballs which costs 195 pesos. An order of their Italian style meatballs contains four meatballs, Parmesan cheese and focaccia bread.

For the meatball, you can only choose one type of meatball among the following: pork, beef, chicken and house special. Choosing the house special meatball costs an extra 45 pesos charge and contains rib-eye and Wagyu steak, bacon and cheese. As for the sauce, the choices are pomodoro, spicy meat, mushroom, Parmesan creme and pesto.

We ordered beef for our meatball and Parmesan creme for our sauce.

For pasta, we ordered Alfredo pasta for 475 pesos. According to their menu, their Alfredo pasta is made with fettuccine, Parmesan cheese, garlic and creme. I’m not sure why the menu states that the dish is served with fettuccine since it clearly was not flat pasta as you can see in the photos above.

Also, we ordered a dish of their Classico pasta for 455 pesos which is made of spaghetti, basil and Parmesan cheese.

The Francesca pizza contains rosso (red sauce), Italian sausage, mascarpone, honey, pepperoni and parsley which costs 425 pesos. Mascarpone is an Italian cheese which is similar to cream cheese. According to my friend, mascarpone is pretty expensive and rare. So if you happen to order one of their pizza that features mascarpone, better make sure to grab a slice that has mascarpone in it and give it a try.

You can find La Famiglia Little Italy at the Mezzanine level of Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan.