Last year, I and some of my friends went to Gillian Gail to catch up. Although Gillian Gail is a desserts buffet, we did not avail of the desserts buffet but we ordered a la carte instead since we did not have enough time. Availing of their buffet costs 299 pesos but they currently have a Sugar Rush promo which costs 180 pesos to avail one hour of their desserts buffet (valid until February 2015).

For 449 pesos, you can avail of their desserts buffet, unlimited drinks (coffee, tea, or house blend iced tea) and a serving of one of their signature chicken dishes (Chicken curry, Rosemary and thyme chicken, and Korean buffalo chicken). For cold drink, they have the following: house blend iced tea for 80 pesos for one glass and 120 pesos for unlimited refills, iced coffee for 105 pesos, ice latte for 110 pesos, ice cappuccino for 110 pesos and Malaysian milk tea with pearls for 120 pesos.

Their entrée includes Herby chicken at 180 pesos for regular and 230 pesos for set, Crispy salmon in mango sauce at 180 pesos for regular and 230 for set, Chicken curry at 245 pesos for regular and 295 for set, Rosemary and thyme chicken at 245 pesos for regular and 290 for set, and Korean buffalo chicken at 245 pesos for regular and 290 pesos for set. The difference between the regular and the set meals is that the set meals include the featured dessert of the day and a serving of coffee, tea, or house blend iced tea. Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT with no service charge.

I think that their tableware were pretty dainty.

Their desserts buffet features ice cream.

I inquired what their house blend iced tea was and they told me it was a glass of peach blossom iced tea.

For appetizers, my friend ordered a plate of nachos which includes cheese dip and jalapenos. They also serve nachos as part of their desserts buffet.

My other friend ordered Korean buffalo chicken which is “chicken coated with spicy sauce [served] together with potato fries.”

The chicken and rice were served on two separate plates.

As for me, I ordered Crispy salmon in mango sauce which is “salmon fried to perfection, covered in our mango sauce.” My friends ordered the regular entrees while I ordered the set entrée.

As for the dessert of the day, I ate strawberry cheesecake. After finishing my Crispy salmon in mango sauce, I asked the waitress to serve the dessert of the day. I was told that I could choose one dessert among limited choices from the desserts buffet. I think the choices were cupcakes and cheesecakes, I was given some more choices but I forgot which ones.

They had brownies, snickerdoodles, coffee encrusted mallows, almond-coated truffles, lemon bars, chocolate encrusted mallows, white chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies, mango encrusted mallows, and strawberry encrusted mallows.

I think these cupcakes on the mini Ferris wheel are cute.

Siomai and siopao are also part of their buffet.

I really wanted to try their desserts buffet but I had to go to class soon. I only had an hour or so left to spare and I thought that it was a waste to pay 299 pesos which was supposedly valid for three hours. However, now that they have a Sugar Rush promo, I think I would like to give their desserts buffet a try. Also, they have a promo right now where you can get a stick of Magnum if you avail of their full priced buffet and a cone of Cornetto if you avail of their Sugar Rush promo but only until supplies last.

I was able to try their Sugar Rush promo. It was pretty good. The crème brulee can be torched so that the top can be caramelized and the bread pudding can be heated. When the waitress returned the bread pudding, ice cream was added on top. Among their desserts, they offer yema cake, chocolate banana cake, sans rival, cheesecake, panna cotta and more. The free Cornetto from the promo can be taken out as well.

Also, you can request for crepe of which you can choose from blueberry, mango and strawberry.

Aside from the crepe, the server offered us fried palitaw (sticky rice) and it was pretty good, it was like eating tikoy with crispy sugar bits and roasted sesame seeds on top.

Most of the desserts they offered were nothing special but some of the food such as nachos, palitaw and etc. were good enough for 180 pesos for an hour. Overall, I and my friend had a great time but cramming everything in one hour was a bit of a challenge for us but it was still fun. It was a shame that I was not able to bring my camera. The customer service was fantastic by the way, the server paid close attention to us. She offered various desserts like the ones I mentioned. She also offered to fry fish balls, squid balls and kikiam. Gillian Gail is located at the third floor of Oracle Building, Katipunan.