“I’ve No Idea When I’m Going To Wear It … I Only Knew That I Had To Have It. Once I Tried It On, Well … The Dress Claimed Me.” ― Isabel Wolff, A Vintage Affair

Rosa Novias
Today, I would like to introduce to you Rosa Novias, an UK based online shop dedicated to catering dresses for your wedding! From their extensive collection of various kinds of wedding dresses to their special occasion dresses, all their dresses are custom made and are made with first rate imported fabrics. Dignity, elegance and fashion are what they aim for in every single dress they have, be it their prom dresses, cocktail dresses or bridesmaid dresses. I was able to see for myself how beautiful a dress from Rosa Novias really was.

About This Dress
Enchantingly Intricate are the two words I would use to describe this dress. Enchantingly, because I was reminded of the lovely dresses worn by Princess Giselle from the movie Enchanted. Intricate, because this dress whispered sounds of elegance with an intensity I could not miss. The dress design and embellishments were what loudly beckoned me to choose this dress. And yet, it was not loud enough to not be a whisper, it was a whisper of elegance in the sense that the design was not overdone. It was just right. I find it most suiting to my taste. This dress had a combination of satin and organza fabric, bateau or boat neckline, empire silhouette and a zipper at the back as well as sequins, a handmade flower fashioned from fabric, beading, cascading ruffles and lace as embellishments.

For any dress that would be worn to an occasion that involves moving around a lot, it is not enough that the dress would be superb in terms of appearance. It must go to the point that you would be able to move around in it comfortably. Special occasions usually entails dancing. It is up to you whether or not you would want to dance. However, if you do choose to dance then it helps if the dress you are wearing is comfortable and easy to move in as well as something that makes you happy in wearing it. As you can see in the photos in this outfit post, I was able to move around a lot which goes to show that I found this dress easy to move in. My heels did hinder me a bit though. Also, it helps if the dress is really your size. At Rosa Novias, you can have your dress customized according to your size. They have a guide on how to get your measurements on each of their product pages. I just realized, that I forgot to provide the height of my shoes.

It is not a big deal really, but one thing I gushed about was the bag that came with their dress. I felt myself go wow when I opened the plastic bag from the shipping and found this zippered eco bag instead of the usual disposable bags. I thought to myself that I could find other uses for this bag such as storing my things or even using it once again as a means to transport this dress in case I need to bring this organza dress elsewhere.

My dog, Bruha, probably had the same reaction as I had. That, or she was simply fascinated in seeing a new object.

For my blog readers, Rosa Novias is giving an opportunity for you to use the coupon code “Prelel” in order to avail free shipping for their communion dresses.

Just as it was in the quote, there are times where I felt that I just had to have a certain dress. When I first saw this dress, I absolutely loved this dress despite the fact that I could not think of an occasion that I could wear it to anytime soon. Even though this dress is categorized as a prom dress, I feel that I could wear it to another special occasion. When my grandmother saw this, she commented that it looked as if I was going to a wedding as a bridesmaid. On the contrary, my mother said that I looked like a bride. I told her that I preferred my wedding dress in white instead of mint or any other color. I can only hope that my wedding dress could be as beautiful and sophisticated as this dress.

I always fancied tops and dresses that carried a lace design especially if the lace embellishments replace the sleeves or the fabric around the neck. Such outfits featuring these types of tops and dresses include my Journey to a Brighter Dream post, A Lovely Outfit post, Lace and Pink Blossom post, Fiesta Time post and more. I thought to myself that I could not love this dress more because I actually found a hard time looking for formal dresses that were not sleeveless but still conformed to my style. When I asked my friend for advice in choosing a dress among the selection available at Rosa Novias, his choices were the simpler dresses. In the end we settled on this dress because I really loved how intricate the design of this dress and he agreed that this dress indeed was my style and it seemed as though it would suit me. In fact, it did suit me. When I first wore this dress, it claimed me. I was wrong about not being able to love it more, I did love it more.

On a side note, while I was talking to my friend. His friend passed us by while I was looking away, she jokingly told us that she thought I was Elsa (from the movie Frozen) because of this dress. That makes two Disney characters now. Oddly enough, both Disney movies houses the same actor. The actress portraying Nancy from Enchanted is the voice actress of Elsa from Frozen. By the way, prom season is nearing and I bid good luck to those who are dress hunting!

Rosa Novias mint half sleeved floral lace design sequined floor-length cascading ruffles organza prom dress; LovelyWholesale gold leaf metal hairpin; nude pumps