I found this pretty garden tucked away in a quiet corner hence the title “Secret Garden”. The place was quiet and chilly, perfect for reading a book. I love how they housed so much nature on their front porch which is why I thought to myself that this place might suit my floral outfit.

I brought Bruha along with me because she loves plants as much as I do or maybe even more, I swear I saw her munching on some leaves.

By now, you must know that I have a soft spot for kimonos and cover ups, I mentioned before that I find kimonos fun to move around in. This floral kimono from Fabjat is no exception, its sheer fabric makes it easy and breezy to move around in. However, what really caught my eye is the floral design. Somehow, the flower pattern gave off a watercolor vibe in a vibrant manner.

This shirt is a perfect representation of my love for bows. I added the bow belt just because I thought that it matched the bows print.

This faux leather skirt is my new favorite skirt, not just because it has a scallop hem, but because it has cutouts as well. Sadly, it now has ink stains of which I have no means of finding out whose pen caused such misfortune.

For me, the cutest thing about this shirt would probably the flouncing sleeves. Tucked beneath the layer of bow printed fabric is a layer of lace.

If you think the front was cute, then you should check out the backside of this shirt. There are buttons lined up at the back which are not just for design, you can choose to unbutton them. By the way, this shirt is asymmetrical, the backside is longer than the front of the shirt.

Fabjat Collection floral print sheer kimono; Romwe white bows print flouncing asymmetrical shirt; Forever 21 pink cutout scallop hem faux leather skirt; Romwe pink peep toe platform heels; pink bow belt; black bunny bag